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We like well-made clothing that lasts, rather than disposable fast-fashion and trends. For all our Madame Tây garments we have chosen to work with high quality natural fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton. The tailors we work with are skilled craftspeople with years of experience, ensuring quality handmade work.

Please note that with all handmade items, some pieces may have minor imperfections. This is part of the individual charm of each piece.

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When we began this project, we all felt that we wanted our clothing production to be “ethical”, but then we had to ask, what does “ethical” actually mean? These days, words like “ethical”, “sustainable” and “responsible” are thrown about by companies to describe a myriad of practices – from the innovative and inspiring, to the misleading and token.

So we decided that our approach to ethics would be to focus on transparency. By blogging about our processes we aim to show our customers behind-the-scenes, so you can decide for yourself where we sit on the “ethical” scale.

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The garments of Madame Tây were made by craftspeople in Vietnam and Senegal. Our designs are informed by history and fashion in both these countries, as well as our own backgrounds. Through our ongoing blogging we aim to acknowledge the people, influences and cultural contexts that inform our project. We also wish to respect the people who make the clothes by working with independent tailors who are paid a fair wage.

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Production processes can always be improved. We don’t see “ethics” or “good quality fashion” as an end point, but rather something we will keep on learning about. We plan to continually work towards better ways of doing things.