Achol and apples


We are four friends from Melbourne, now living in four different cities –

  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Dakar, Senegal
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Toronto, Canada

Madame Tây is our hobby clothing project, where we aim to create simple, handmade, artisan-produced garments. We’re working with small-business tailors in Vietnam and Senegal to provide clothing for ourselves, for our friends and family, and for sale in Melbourne.

For us, this project is not just about the finished product, it is also about the process. While we have a passion for beautiful clothes, we also have ideas and questions around ethics, culture, travel, fashion, global manufacturing, trade and consumption, that we hope to explore in this endeavour.

If you purchase a Madame Tây item, you can easily trace your garment’s origins back to the individual tailor who made it, and learn about the place where your item came from.